About Us

We are a half British, half Swedish couple who have spent the past 10 years in the UK. When we started looking for a Group 1 car seat for our then 9 month old daughter, we began to research websites in the UK and in Sweden. The result was quite shocking. We found that the information was very different, even if you looked at a particular company's English and Swedish versions of the same site. With lots of more research, and after talking to other parents about rear facing car seats, we found that most people felt like we did. When you hear about how much safer a rear facing car seat is (and after seeing a few crash test videos), you naturally want to get a rear facing car seat for your child, as you want your child to be as safe as possible!

But a tour of the local shops left us stranded. Nobody could supply us with a rear facing car seat. We were told that "yes, they are safer but they are not sold in the UK as nobody asks for them. We cannot re-educate the British people. And they are more expensive as well". Our immediate response was that:

  • of course nobody asks for them if they don't know that they exist
  • it should be the responsibilty of all shops selling child products to always offer the safest products and inform all parents about the pros and cons of all products
  • we expect to be told the truth when we ask for advice in a shop, not what they think we want to
  • yes, they are a bit more expensive but what parent would not pay a bit more if the safety of their child was on the line?

In view of this, we decided to start our own website with information about child safety and car seats, and this is the result. Since the launch of this site, we have been joined by two more British mums, who have contributed time and energy to research this issue. We hope that the team will grow even further.

The information is from many sources; from Swedish insurance companies, mainly Folksam, a company that has researched car accidents involving children for over 30 years, from Traffic Safety Authorities in Sweden, Norway and Finland, from car manufacturers, mainly Volvo, a company that has also researched accidents involving children for many years and, our main source, the Swedish Standards Institute, which has provided us with material and has answered all the questions we have had so far. We have also received a lot of material from VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute, an independent and internationally prominent research institute within the transport sector, which carries out crash tests of car seats for approval for the Swedish market. VTI, SIS, NTF, Folksam and Volvo are also collaborating with other car and car seat manufacturers, insurance companies retailers and other parties to actively promote the continued use of rear facing car seats both in Sweden and internationally. Their Swedish campaign website is here: http://www.ntf.se/konsument/barnibil/default30998.asp

Recently we have also established contact with ROSPA and Which Magazine.

We hope that you find the site informative. All your input will be appreciated, so don't hesitate to send us an email, using the form on the Contact page, or enter the Forum to share your views.

All content of this site is based on the rear facing team's personal experience and research. We are not professional researchers but parents with a special interest in child safety. We suggest you seek official resources for more information. We have included a links page and most of the sites listed also have links pages where you can find additional resources and information.