Welcome to our second newsletter from rearfacing.co.uk in the new format. We have not had any newsletters for a while but the aim is to produce at least 4 a year from now on. If you have information, tips or queries that you would like included, give us a shout on info@rearfacing.co.uk. Enjoy!
Yesterday (Jan 23, 2012) saw the breaking story that motors.co.uk have conducted a survey among 1000 randomly selected parents, asking about rear facing car seats. The results were as follows:
  • Over half (52%) of parents would buy a rear facing car seat for their child if they were more widely available in the UK
  • Nearly half (43%) of parents call for the UK government to officially advise parents to keep their child in a rearward facing car seat until the age of four
  • Over half (53%) of parents claimed that information on rearward facing car seats in the UK is inconsistent or confusing

"When quizzed on the reason for the current limited availability of Stage 1 and 2 models in Britain, car seat manufacturers have cited a lack of demand; however the consumer research highlights a clear demand for the product and a need for consistent and reliable information on the issue."

This survey and ensuing press release led to at least two newspaper articles in the Daily Mail and The Guardian where at least the latter led to extended commenting from readers both for and against. It also led to yours truly being interviewed on radio, for BBC Radio 5 Live (at 2:09:43) and Radio Bristol (at 2:58:00).
We are currently working on a new page on the website with a list of all currently available car seats in the UK and data about them. We would love to be able to add reviews to this guide, so if you have a RF group 1 car seat and would like to participate, please send an email to info@rearfacing.co.uk with a review. Think of listing both pros and cons for the seat in question. Thank you!
Some of you will remember the e-petition that we did a few years back. Now there is a new e-petition, started by Linsey Myers (admin for the Facebook page Rear Facing - The way forward). The deadline for the petition is 09/08/2012. Let's work together to get a lot of signatures for this e-petition! Post the link where you can and spread the word among your contacts. The petition can be found at http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/7310. Please note that you need an UK address to be able to sign e-petitions for the UK.
We are continuously trying to improve the website and have recently updated the layout and logo. We hope that you like it. For the newsletter we are thinking of including a featured car seat every time as well as featured retailers. We would be very grateful for your tips and ideas, car seat reviews and pictures of rear facing group 1 car seats for the Gallery. Email us on info@rearfacing.co.uk.