Quotes from parents

"I took advice from this site and bought the be safe rear facing seat for my 15 month old son. he has just been in a high speed crash on the motorway involving a lorry. The car is a total right off and the adults have severe whiplash. He is absolutely fine totally protected by the seat.The best money i have ever spent."


"If we were given a balanced view from the government we would be able to make an informed decision. I put my daughter in a foward facing seat at 10 months, as that's what I thought was the right thing to do, not knowing there was an alternative."

Vicki, Bath
Mum to Daisy and Joel

"Once I had researched the options, it was obvious. It had to be the rearward facing seat. There are lots of ways you can save money on baby equipment, but not on car seats."

Briony, Southampton
Mum to Reuben

"Hi, I'm a parent of a two year old and also a qualified nanny, so I am shocked to hear that I have not been putting the children that I care for, and my own, into the car in the safest way possible. Many thanks on your informative web site. I will be passing the word around to other mothers and nannies."


"Just to say I am thrilled that at last someone is taking this on! Parents in the UK are not informed properly. So well done for raising this! I wish you success in changing the rules. We now live in Sweden and our little boy sits quite happily backwards facing at 3 years old."


"I recently started to look for a group 1 car seat for my son and by chance came across a link to a video on youtube showing the crash dummy tests for the different types of seat [The Importance of Rearfacing]. I completely agree with you that, like us, any parent who knows these seats exist, and are safer, would want them. The problem is the information being withheld.

Well done for bothering to try and help other children and I am right behind you in the fight!"


"I'm so glad I found out that RF Group 1 seats exist, just in time to benefit my 1 year old daughter, and am so grateful for the efforts of Helena Atkinson and friends to inform parents in the UK. I am shocked at the negative and often plain ignorant attitudes of many parents regarding RF, when the research shows quite plainly that they are a much the safer option, and feel very fortunate that because of Helena's work I can be a part of helping to turn things around."

Angie, Bristol

"What a useful site! Thank you so much for all the information. It really is just shocking that we are kept in the dark like this when it comes to our children's safety. I am absolutely appalled that, despite such conclusive research, rear-facing seats are still so hard to come by in the UK.

Keep up the good work!


I just wanted to email to say thank you so much for the valuable info on this site. I have ordered one of your stickers and will proudly display it in my car. Like most mothers, I have spent time and effort researching and ensuring my son gets the safest equipment and am disgusted that there is not much option for rear facing over 18 months of age."


"I just wanted to say how great I think your site is.

Like the majority of the country, I didn't know anything about rear facing seats till a friend of mine told me about them and after doing a bit of research I cannot believe that stockists in the UK continue to promote the forward facing seats instead. It makes no sense to me at all! Especially when there's a safer option available.

It's such a shame that so few people are aware of their options and are not making informed decisions when it comes to their childs safety."


We went to one of the shops listed on your site today, Jan Stewart Prams in East Kilbride. I rang them first to see if they had any of the seats in stock for us to look at and was told there was a safety officer called David who I should go and talk to. We did this and he was brilliant. He gave us fantastic advice and we decided based on what he told us that we'd get the rear-facing infant seat first, then go back to them in a year to get a rear facing group one seat. We're really happy and he fitted a seat for us in our Honda with isofix, it all worked really well. Your site was an enormous help for us in what was quite a confusing process. We'd been into two different branches of Mothercare and just didn't feel happy with the selection and the service we got. They didn't do any of these rear facing seats and didn't seem to know anything about them either. So glad we found out about it, and I'll be passing the info on to friends who have babies on the way."

Ellie, Ayr