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Did you know?

Government advice to turn your child forward facing at 9 months is putting their life at risk. In other European countries, children stay rear facing until they are 4 years old, and the new US recommendation is 2 years old.

British child seat manufacturers are refusing to sell their safest products in the UK because they've decided that British parents don't want them. They export the seats to Scandinavia but will not make them available here.

Rear facing group 1 seats are 5 times safer in a frontal collision. They protect the neck and head by distributing the force along the back of the seat and are much more effective at protecting internal organs.

Latest News

New rear facing campaign

The lovely people at motors.co.uk have started their own rear facing campaign. Visit the website here

Report on European Road Safety 2011-2020

The European Parliament has adopted the Report on European Road Safety 2011-2020 (A7-0264/2011), which in paragraph 103 calls for the use of rear facing child seat for children up to the age of three travelling in vehicles. Read the press release from ANEC here. ANEC can be found on Facebook here if you want to keep up to date with their work.

Child Passenger Safety Week 2011

To highlight Child Passenger Safety Week and raise awareness of rear facing group 1 car seats, you can download and use this leaflet we have produced. Please share it with other parents and parenting groups and take it to your local car seat retailer and ask them about stocking rear facing car seats.


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Sunday Times Article

17th April. The Sunday Times have published an excellent article outlining the case for rear facing car seats and exposing just how difficult it can be to get accurate information from high street shops.

New US Guidelines

New car seat guidelines in the US are raising the recommendations for rear facing to 2 years old. This is a step in the right direction after a long campaign by Joel's grandpa (see Joel's Journey here).

We hope that the next step is to raise the recommendation to 4 years old in line with Swedish recommendations.

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Buyer's Guide

We've updated the buyer's guide with all the info we have on where you can buy rear facing seats. You can find it here.

New Gallery

We've updated our gallery page with lots of new pictures and grouped them by seat. We've also added a number of installation videos.

BMJ advise use of RF seats for children under 4

The British Medical Journal has released a report advising the use of rear facing child car seats for children under 4 years old

You can read the report here

The report has been picked up by the BBC, Herald and Daily Mail

Manchester Evening News

The Manchester Evening News has published an article about Rear Facing seats on their website. Read the article here.

ANEC Report

The ANEC has published a new report entitled 'A fatal contradiction'. Find out more here.

Email templates

We have created two example emails for you to use. Find them here.

rearfacing.co.uk on the BBC:

You can see the BBC South Today report on the campaign here.

Download the press release:

We've put together a press release. Many of you have been kind enough to bring up the issue with consumer groups, MPs, and the media. Why not include this when you make contact?

Flyer now available:

Why not download our pdf flyer. You can distribute it to friends or groups or take a copy to your local shop. The more pressure we can put on UK suppliers, the better

Did you know that children younger than 4 years old
are safer if they travel rear facing in the car?

Are you confused about when to turn your child forward facing in the car? Different shops and websites give different advice and it can be hard to know what to do. Did you know that children younger than 4–5 years old are safer if they travel rear facing in the car? In Scandinavia, children are not turned forward until they have reached at least 4 years old and weigh more than 25kg(55lbs). This website has been set up to explore the facts about rear and forward facing car seats. Hopefully you will find it useful.

The safest seats are not available in the UK

Did you know that companies such as Britax and Graco market different products in different countries? In other countries, they are keen to promote rear facing car seats as the safest way for children to travel. In the UK, there is no such promotion and the rear facing seats manufactured by these companies are not available. In addition, all current UK government advice is that children should be placed in front facing car seats at approximately 9 months of age. This is significantly earlier than is advised in many other countries including the USA, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

We believe that it is vital that parents in the UK are given access to the evidence which shows that the safest way for children to travel is rear facing for as long as possible. Britax, Graco and many other companies manufacture rear facing seats which are designed for children up to 4 years of age but will not make them commercially available in the UK

You can help us turn things around

We invite you to read the information on this site and, if you find it as convincing as we have, contact your local suppliers, car seat manufacturers and MPs and demand that parents in the UK are given the same access to rear facing car seats as those in other countries

If you have any questions, suggestions or further information that we can use on the site, please contact us